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GCAC History

The seed was planted in the fall of 2000 when nearly fifty people gathered at the Geauga County Public Library to discuss their vision of the future of art and culture in the county. From that meeting, at least one message became very clear. We can do more if we work collectively than if we each work alone. From that idea was born the Geauga County Council for Arts and Culture which was incorporated in June, 2001

The Council has adopted as its logo, the maple seed, symbolic of potential. The Council believes that it can collectively help the already vibrant and exciting artistic and cultural life in the community to grow and develop further by serving as the mechanism for artists, funders and consumers to act in concert for the benefit of the entire community. Another equally important goal is to collaborate in arts education for children.

There were nearly 85 charter members; businesses, organizations, communities, as well as individuals. Among them are the Geauga County Public Library, Bainbridge Township, the Burton Public Library, the Fairmount Center for the Creative and Performing arts, the University Hospitals Health System - Geauga Regional Hospital, Geauga Tourism Council, The Geauga Historical Society, the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild, and the Valley Art Center























Geauga Council of Arts and Culture

PO Box 104, Chardon, OH 44024, Phone: 440-537-3344, www.geaugaarts.org

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